If you are looking for a sports photographer like no other, check out Jay Boatwright with Smax Photography. Look at these works of art! Playoffs – here we come!!!

Carson Costello

Team Mom 2014, Sharon Springs Football

He’s loving football–which scares his mama! He uses all 55lbs to tackle, but he has a big heart. Love this kid! Jay Boatwright, you’re doing exactly what you were born to do. Thank you.

Jeanett Dolfi

Mom, Sequoyah Youth Football

Wanted to say you have done an amazing job! Can’t stop looking and sharing the picture ! I’m using it every time as he goes on the field to be tough just like the picture !

Thank you!
Davina Pultz

THANK YOU Jay Boatwright and Carrina for an AMAZING picture night!!! There is NO WAY anyone would be mad at having you guys out instead of the “other” b/c this pic ROCKS!!!! THIS IS MY BOY!!!!!

Angel Livingston

2014 Football Coodinator, Kennesaw Mtn. Junior Football

If anyone is looking for a sports photographer, these guys are the best in the business!
Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker

Head Coach , 2014 Renegades PC Beach World Series Champs

Our banner kicks everyone’s banner’s a** in Cooperstown!!!Thank you so much!!


Jill Driver

Sawnee Mountain Baseball

I know there is some Major a league players who would want a pic like this! You are amazing at your craft

Skipp Shipp

Baseball Instructor and Former Professional Baseball Player

Love it Jay Boatwright!! Thanks so much!! As usual–You did not disappoint!!

Jackie Lusk

Creekview Football

These People take the Best Sport Shots. They are a Load of Awesome with tons of Awesome Sauce. 


Ashley Campbell

Sequoyah Football

Jay Boatwright what an amazing job you guys do at SMAX. This is the reason we always come to you guys with our pictures! Thank you for capturing these precious memories!

Shannon Shirey

Mom, Rome Floyd Parks and Rec